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Pad your collection with the best free (and totally legal) music download sites
Many of these sites are void of Billboard artists like Taylor Swift and Kanye West, but if you look in the right spots, you’ll find a few hits from some big names, along with ... It’s an eclectic, limited, and totally free. Rap lovers rejoice!

This YouTube Channel Is Full of Free, Public Domain Movies to Stream
YouTube channel Public Domain Full Movies is full of, well, what its name implies. Classic films like A Trip to the Moon and Behind Green Lights to fun flicks like Gammera The Invincible are all here to stream, completely free, to any device. There are ...

Dogecoin: A cryptocurrency joke that somehow turned real
He bought the domain and uploaded a photoshopped Shibe on a coin ... The major difference between Bells and regular cryptocurrencies was the rewards: they were completely random. If you mined bitcoin, using a decently powerful home computer ...

The Mirai Botnet Is Attacking Again…
Of course, we take this botnet stuff seriously, but we couldn’t help snickering a little at some of the domain names. Of the 203 C&C hostnames ... If you were a cybercriminal, why not use "free" domain registration services like Freenom for your C ...

BitTorrent Based DNS To Counter US Domain Seizures
In the United States the proposed COICA bill is explicitly aimed at increasing the government’s censorship powers, but seizing a domain name is already quite easy ... The domain registrations will be totally free, but registrants will have to show ...

How To: Use as a free custom domain email host
Luckily, there is another stable (and also completely free ... your domain's incoming email. This is located at: You can click on the Get Started link on this page after signing in. 2) Plug in your custom domain name.

Wix.Com: Too Much Risk
So if you want your you need to buy a subscription otherwise your domain name is a sub domain of and other key difference is, that free websites carry a ... and ADI allows us to build a website completely customized to you and your ...

How to Save UI Designers & Front-End Developers up to 50% of Their Time
BS was, as the name suggests, bullshit ... that each other’s area of expertise is mind-bogglingly complex & completely incomprehensible. They therefore avoid each other’s domain at all costs. What developers think designers do What designers think ...

Bars, bands rely on social media
"In addition to our website that uses domain names and ... In fact, social media, namely Facebook, has almost completely replaced our website. Our website is now just a splash page with some general information pointing interested ...

Net Neutrality Proven Titanically Stupid By Net Neutrality’s Proponents
They cancelled the domain name of a white supremacist website. I.e., GoDaddy is assembling their private business exactly the way they wish - completely free from government interference or imposition, which the Net Neutrality they champion prohibits ISPs ...

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