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GDPR Your Domains For Sale? How to Keep Your Domain Name Lottery Ticket Alive
Have you ever sold a domain name that was just sitting in your registrar account? Maybe it was for that idea you had, but never found the time to develop. Perhaps it was for a business or website you once ran and then let go by the wayside. Then one day ...

Tool makes it possible to park .App domain names
Free system generates an SSL on your domain name and forwards it to popular domain sales services. If someone wants to buy your .app domain name they won’t be able to use Whois to contact you. Google Registry does not show .app domain owner information ...

Dash in Domain Name: Never Use a Hyphenated Domain Name
I say “just about every time” only because I know there are going to be exceptions to every rule. I have a few keyword rich domain names for sale. Want to buy them? Oh yeah, by the way. I should point out that they have hyphens in them. What is the ...

Toys R Us is selling its name, Geoffrey the Giraffe, and domain names including to pay off its debt
Geoffrey the Giraffe and the Toys R Us and Babies R Us brand names are among the properties that will be up for sale. Toys R Us is also selling a number of adult-oriented domain names, including,, and

Bankrupt Toys R Us Is Auctioning Off Hundreds Of Domain Names in Fire Sale
Who knew that the beloved Geoffrey the Giraffe mascot had a price tag? In addition to the 735 U.S. stores that are being closed as part of its bankruptcy proceedings, the 70-year-old retailer is also selling off much of its intellectual property, including ...

Toys R Us IP Sale Reveals Adult Domain Names
Earlier this year we saw the sad demise of one of the most beloved children retails stores. Yes, Toys R Us and Geoffrey the Giraffe sadly left us. There were, of course, many reasons for this which included difficulty competing with online retailers and ...

NameJet notable sales from April
Major hotel chain lets great geo hotel domain names expire. NameJet reported 132 sales in April for a total of $658,517. As usual, I’ve pulled out the ones that grabbed my attention. Among these is a slew of valuable domain names that hotel chain IHG let ...

Toys "R" Us Is Selling Geoffrey the Giraffe and Sex Toy Domain Names
After filing for bankruptcy and closing its U.S. store locations, Toys “R” Us is having its biggest and most shameless sale yet. In an effort to raise ... for companies to buy up all related domain names to prevent others from hijacking or mocking ...

On Sale Soon at Toys 'R' Us: Geoffrey the Giraffe, Sex-Toys-R-Us Website Domain
The liquidation sale at Toys ‘R’ Us is about to get weird ... which will include its iconic mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe and a large number of Internet domain names apparently bought to ensure no one had them—including and ...

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