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Donuts Announces Launch of .Travel Top-Level Domain
Simplifies Registration Process and Expands .Travel ... resonating with those looking to maximize their offers across multiple vacation rental sites. In fact, earlier in 2018, the domain name was purchased for over $500,000, by an ...

Domain transfer #FAIL – man gets 20 years for gunpoint domain hijack
demand that he log onto his computer and transfer the domain name for “” to another account; shoot him in the leg during the struggle; and, finally, get shot in the chest multiple times yourself. That’s the definition of “how not to ...

VF Corp. brands file complaint against 831 domain names
The individuals and entities behind the domains are unknown, according to the complaint, but are registered in multiple countries ... attorneys' fees and cybersquatting, the act of registering domain names (usually related to high-profile companies ...

Iowa man receives 20 years for armed "domain hijacking"
He threatened Deyo at gunpoint demanding he get on his computer and transfer the registration of his domain name "" over to ... He was originally charged with multiple counts including kidnapping and use of a firearm during a violent ...

GDPR And Domain Names - What You Need To Know
Today, I'm going to discuss GDPR's impact on the domain ... Names and Numbers that manages the worldwide WHOIS system, recognized that the EU was not going to grant a requested extension for GDPR compliance. ICANN had requested this extension multiple ...

CloudFlare Launches Domain Name Registrar Focused on Security
CloudFlare's secure registrar service will work on the principle that companies would need to have multiple employees that would approve any change to the domain name's settings at the same time. This eliminates the possibility of an attacker hijacking the ...

IBM broke its cloud by letting three domain names expire
At the time, IBM blamed the outage on a third-party domain name registrar that was transferring some domains ... IBM's now released an incident summary [PDF] in which it says “multiple domain names were mistakenly allowed to expire and were in hold ...

Now you can register a domain name in Japanese script, all thanks to Google
“みんな” means “everyone” in Japanese and suggests multiple people doing things together ... Users can go through any one of Google’s partner registrars to register for a .みんな domain name. Applications are only open to trademark holders ...

Polish Registrar Shuts Down Multiple Domains Used by Virut Botnet
the Polish domain registrar in charge of .pl top-level domains, has shut down a number of domains used by the notorious Virut botnet. According to Poland’s Computer Emergency Response Team, CERT Polska, the domain names have been used to spread and ...

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