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Unbound Domain Name Server Updated to Run on Windows
It looks up the domain name in the global DNS system to get the address and stores ... Unbound was already available on Unix varieties such as Linux, OS X, and FreeBSD” says Wouter Wijngaards, the pro...

All you need to know about Linux whois command (domain lookup)
Specifically, you can lookup information about From here on, I will focus only on domain names as it is the most prevalent WHOIS lookup. When you lookup a domain name (e.g. using the comma...

How to Install and Configure Seafile on Ubuntu 16.04.
Desktop clients are available for personal computers running on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Mobile clients ... with minimum 2GB RAM. A valid domain name is setup to your instance. finally controls domain name
It’s taken several years, quite a lot of negotiation and the use of alternatives to get it through an uncertain period. But Australian open source conference has finally permanently secu...

How to install ownCloud on Debian 9
If you followed all of the instructions properly now you should be able to access your ownCloud with your domain name on your Debian 9 server ... in which case you can simply ask our expert Linux admi...

When domain names attack: the WPAD name collision vulnerability
WPAD is supported but not enabled by default on Mac and Linux-based operating systems ... This is dangerous because if attackers were able to purchase the domain name .company.example they could put u...

Best cheap web hosting deals of 2018
You get one domain name (free for the first year ... IP address blocking and website directory indexing plus a JavaScript generator and Linux apps (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Media Wiki and eCommerce) ...

Google Is Enabling DNS over TLS in Android P for Better Protection and Privacy
Google announced today that it brings DNS over TLS support in the upcoming Android P release of its Linux-based mobile operating system for an extra layer of protection and better privacy. By design, ...

Mapping UNIX/Linux Shares On a Windows Server 2003 Network
If you're an administrator, you are probably familiar with mapping drives on hybrid Windows and UNIX/Linux ... domain to pick up the shares we'll later define. You should see a line similar to the fol...

How to Use a VPN for Safer Online Shopping
Simply put, KRACK attacks can intercept sent data by infiltrating your WiFi connection, no matter which major platform you're on (Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux ... your query is sent t...

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