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First Sign That the XFL Is Thinking About Philadelphia
A check of's domain name availability confirms that all three domains are indeed taken. So what does this mean? Honestly, probably nothing, but it's fun to wonder. Philadelphia is one of t...

Barbat's houzes: Domain name availability prompts multifamily projects' rebranding
If you move into one of Joe Barbat’s five multifamily redevelopment projects — four in downtown Detroit and one in Ann Arbor — you’ll probably have to adjust the autocorrect settings on your phone and ...

Picking a baby name based on domain name availability
Site generates list of available domain names for naming a baby. A lot of domain name registrars have pushed out PR in recent years about parents snapping up a domain name for their newborn babies. I ...

Analysts mixed on Supervalu results
The study concluded that there were some practical reasons for many naming trends including trademark and domain name availability. While more top-level domains become available, 88 percent of the sta...

Verisign's Attempt to Increase its Fees Still Unjustified Despite Diversionary Tactic
The net impact on .com domain name availability due to the presence of domain name investors is that domain name investors have registered millions of lower-quality, less desirable domain names that o...

OK, so maybe American Airlines hasn’t decided who to merge with
Register your domain names with Searchen Networks Inc., Check domain name availability. Search for domain names. Domain Name Wire is the Domain Name Industry’s News Source. AMR to merge with US Airway...

Donald Trump domains registered for $28 each but renew at $2,399
You can check .sucks domain name availability and pricing at Also it seems that the clues lead us to believe that it is most probable that the new owner of is the same as the ...

GoDaddy gets patent for “Suggesting domain names based on recognized user patterns”
The user’s search history can be considered to generate the best available domains: As a non-limiting example of a user log entry 315 stored in data storage 230, a user may access a registrar web page ...

Radix Announces .website Launch Timeline
In fact, 65 percent of all checks for .com domain name availability fail and half of all customers buying a new domain name have to try two or more times to register a name of their choosing. The frus...

What’s In A Name? For Startups, It’s Crucial
“Choose something with meaning, even if it’s expensive and difficult to acquire, rather based on domain name availability, because otherwise, you’re going to kill word-of-mouth,” Patzer says. Patzer a...

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